Gluten Free options are available upon request

Mild Spicy

Medium Spicy


Mixed Entree
Fox’s Recommended

Mixed Entrée

Spring Rolls (4 Pcs)

Crispy rice paper rolls filled with finely sliced chinese greens, mushroom, carrot and rice vermicelli, served with a plum sauce.

Curry Puffs (4 Pcs)

Minced chicken, diced potatoes and carrot seasoned with special Thai herbs, hand wrapped in golden puff pastry and served with cucumber relish.

Money Bags (4 Pcs)

Minced chicken with sweet corn, braised with light soy sauce and palm sugar, wrapped in spring roll crepes and served with a sweet chilli sauce.

Fish Cakes - Tord Mun Pla (4 Pcs)

Freshly minced fish fillet, blended with red curry paste, finely sliced snake bean and kaffir lime leaves served with a sweet chilli sauce.

Mixed Entrée

A money bag, fish cake, spring roll and curry puff served with a trio of dipping sauces.

Satay Chicken (4 Sticks)

Chicken tenderloins marinated in Thai herbs, coconut cream and curry spices, grilled and served with a tasty peanut sauce.

Fried Chicken wings (6 Pcs)

Chicken mid-wing marinated with our secret sauce, coated with batter then deep fry until golden brown and served with sweet chilli sauce

Seafood Netted Spring Rolls
(6 Pcs)

Prawn, Crab, water chestnut yam bean and taro delicately wrapped with crispy rice net pastry served with plum sauce

Vegetarian Netted Spring Rolls
(6 PCs)

Yam bean, Taro Mung bean, black fungus, wrapped with crispy rice net pastry served with plum sauce.

Salt & Pepper Tofu

Vegetarian crispy skinned tofu pieces seasoned with salt and pepper and served with a seasonal salad and a chili sauce with crushed peanuts

Salt & Pepper Squid
(Entrée / Main)
$12.90 / $22.90

Lightly-coated tender squid seasoned with special salt, pepper and five spice, served on a garden salad and accompanied by our own spicy seafood sauce

Curry Puffs
Fox’s Recommended

Curry Puffs (4 Pcs)

Duck Spring Rolls (4 Pcs)

Shredded roast duck fillet and vermicelli wrapped in crispy pastry


Pan-fried roti bread stuffed with our tasty curried minced-chicken filling, served with cucumber relish

Prawn Chips
Satay Sauce (Small / Large)
$5.00 / $8.00
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